Seamless Production Process Operation

DFWorks is a portfolio of integrated software solutions that provides the tools to make informed and timely decisions to improve processes and productivity. DFWorks ensures that the right information is delivered to the right person at the precise time it's required.

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Delivering Intelligent Automated Document Factory Solutions

DFWorks is Internet-based and enables the monitoring and control of the document creation and production processes both locally and remotely. Access to modules, data and processes can be configured to meet the individual needs of each user.

Reporting is available at piece level, machine & operator level, site level and enterprise level, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your operation(s). Production alerts and reports can be automatically dispatched via email, exported to other packages or viewed by any user with a web browser.

DFWorks is designed to help organisations:

  • Meet service-level agreements and customer expectations more easily
  • Automate and simplify site, account, job and resource planning and management
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improving quality and workflow for greater efficiency, performance and productivity
  • Meet the challenges of a growing number of regulatory standards including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley

DFWorks modules include:

  • Production Workflow provides advanced job profiling, electronic job ticket, and end-to-end job tracking at both the job and piece level (depending upon data collection methods) to help manage SLA performance and operational efficiency.
  • Productivity Reports provides tools that deliver an in-depth look at not only “what” is happening across production processes, but more importantly “why”, and what can be done to improve operational effectiveness.
  • Document Life Cycle provides clients with self-service lookup of mailpiece history and production detail based on recipient rather than job-based attributes.